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Renovation of the ceiling of the Asamsaal theatre in Freising, Bavaria

The theater hall protected as a monument has ceiling frescos dating from the 17th century. Parts of the stucco frescos had become detached, marring the frescos’ appearance and posing a safety risk. Initially a platform was considered for restoration, but this would have reduced the number of seats in the auditorium and had a detrimental effect on the view and acoustics. We developed a solution that left the hall almost unchanged.

It was designed for loads up to 100 tons – i.e. more than sufficient for manpower, materials, and tools. To implement the project, we transported all the materials – including heavy duty parts weighing up to 1.7 tons – through a 2nd-floor window. With the aid of a skidding system, we then brought it to its final height in the right position in the auditorium. On completion, not a single prop or girder was visible.

All the seating was retained. The intermediate level was covered with a photo canvas of the ceiling fresco. The room looked exactly as it did beforehand – but just a little lower. The customer was particularly happy with the fact that we were able to complete the project and hand over the auditorium ahead of time.

Renovation of the ceiling of the Asamsaal theatre in Freising, Bavaria