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Project Belpile
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Hollow Bars in Western Australia

At the beginning of 2018, thyssenkrupp Infrastructure started the supply of the tk-R Hollow bar system to our client, Belpile, for the first time in Western Australia.

tk-R Hollow bars provided an effective, efficient solution, anchoring a CFA pile wall. The four storey excavation involved three rows of anchors ranging from 19.5m to 6m long, on the last row.

For this job the tk-R38A was selected and was supplied in 3m sections. thyssenkrupp Infrastructure supplied all associated components of the hollow bar system including plates, nuts, couplers and centralisers as well as two different sizes of drill bits, 90mm and 115mm hardened cross bits (EX).

The remainder of this order was completed in mid-March 2018, bringing the final number of bars sold into this project to 1,470 pieces.

An interesting sidenote to the installation was that the tk-R Hollow bars were installed by an anchoring rig, not owned by thyssenkrupp Infrastructure that was equipped with a thyssenkrupp HB35A Drifter.

Using the thyssenkrupp built drifter, a maximum of 20 anchors per day (140 bars) was achieved. This is yet another example of the complete, In-ground solution that thyssenkrupp Infrastructure can provide.