Shoring systems krings

Shoring Systems (krings)

Robust and smooth-running – for easy working: krings parallel shoring.

Our krings parallel trench shoring system is extremely strong and at the same time very smooth-running, making it easy to work with. Fixing the vertically displaceable boogie car in the position required for structural stability ensures that loads are optimally supported at just the right points. The accurate parallel alignment of the slide-rails enables the frame and the individual panels to slide smoothly, effectively reducing the amount of force that needs to be applied during installation and removal.

Double slide-rails are used to handle greater depths. Whereas the panels in the single slide-rail are only guided at one level, in the double slide-rail they are mounted in two guide levels.

The system is also suitable for constructing in-situ concrete sewers. Once the concrete has set, the concrete base slab structurally braces the base of the rails. The boogie car can then be raised to the top to create sufficient working space for sewers over 3 meters in height.

krings Single slide rail system, parallel shoring, EG PV

krings Single slide-rail inner-city parallel shoring

krings Double slide rail system, parallel shoring, DG PV

krings Corner post EG Eck / DG Eck

Double slide rail system, parallel shoring, DG FP

krings Single slide rail system EG FP

Quick and easy to use: krings trench boxes.

Our edge-supported shoring systems from krings are particularly versatile. They take up little space during storage and transport and can be very quickly and simply assembled at the construction site.

The little KVL steel box is ideal for inner-city areas, the sturdy KS 60 is recommended for inner-city sewer construction projects, and the KS 100 is designed for use at greater depths. By means of an adapter, the struts developed for the KS 60 and KS 100 boxes can also be used on the KVL. The shoring struts are compatible with the box and sprung-socket slide-rail systems.

krings KVL

krings KS 60

krings KS 100

krings KS 100 Eck

krings piling frame element BLU

krings Universal DKU piling frame element

thyssenkrupp aluminum lightweight shoring

krings Flex shoring

krings Dragbox

krings KS 60 Eck

krings Sheet pile element KKP (before 092009)

krings Sheet pile machine DPV