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Vinyl (PVC) Sheet Piling

Vinyl sheet piling is made of hard polyvinyl chloride (PVC) modified with processing facilitation agents, impact strength modifiers, thermal and UV stabilizers, as well as mineral fillers.

These sheet piles have excellent resistance to UV rays and to corrosive chemicals. The PVC surface layer ensures they are wear resistant and that they have a low impact on the environment while the inner core is made of recycled materials.

Installation of vinyl sheet piling requires specialized equipment and should be carried out by qualified personnel from specialized civil engineering companies, according to the design and manufacturer’s installation manual.

The manufacturer will not be liable for defects caused by incorrect application or installation of the product.

Installation Methode


  • Creation of Support Walls
  • Construction of detention basins
  • Coastal defences
  • Building of irrigation channels
  • Barriers against flooding
  • Erosion control protection
  • River bed protection
  • Hydraulic barriers against infiltration
  • Environmental reclamation
  • Building and Securing Natural and Artificial Reservoirs