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Universal Columns / Custom Fabricated Beams

Universal Column

Universal columns also known as H-sections are used as universal bearing piles and are dimensionally square structural beams that are driven into the ground for deep foundation applications. Most soils at or near the surface do not have the mechanical properties to support large buildings. As you go deeper into the earth's geology, there are layers (bearing strata) capable of doing so. H-Piles are manufactured and designed to transfer structural loads to these good bearing soils.

Hot-rolled structural steel sections are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 3679.1 Structural steel hot-rolled bars and sections.

Custom Fabricated Beams

We can deliver top quality imported fabricated steel products i.e. standard, custom welded sections for piling, head stocks, girders, box sections for bridges etc.; which are manufactured in accordance with all relevant AS/NZS standards.