Steel Pipe, Piles and Casings

Welded pipe is used universally as steel piles. It can be used for foundation piling for buildings, harbour construction including wharves, jetties, as well as bridges and water pipes.

Each pile can be fitted with internal shear rings, stiffening bands, driving shoes, splice welding and end facing. A protective coating (internal and external) of UHB epoxy, MDPE, Zn powder spray, galvanizing, etc. can be applied to the piles at request.

All steel piles are manufactured to International specifications, such as, ASTM/API/JIS with minimum yield strength of 350MPa.

Spiral Welded SAW Pipes (SSAW)

These can vary in size from 400-3000 mm outside diameter and can have a thickness between 9-25 mm.

Longitudinal Welded SAW Pipes (LSAW)

The LSAW comes in sizes from 400-1676.4 mm outside diameter and vary in thickness between 10-80 mm.

Electric Resistance Welded (ERW)

Electric resistance welded pipes come in sizes from 21.3-630 mm outside diameter and vary in thickness between 1.8-22.2 mm.