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Anchor Systems

We provide a comprehensive range of anchors and accessories to meet diverse challenges (quay structures, onshore and offshore wind turbine foundations, tunnels, excavations, retaining walls and slope stabilization).


In terms of construction, a pile foundation is a type of deep foundation that enables the loads of structures to be transferred to deeper, more stable layers of soil.

When constructing a pile foundation, piles (also known as pilots) are drilled or rammed into the soil until a sufficiently stable layer of soil or stone has been reached. The load of the structure is then firstly transferred through the friction of the piles with the soil (skin friction) and secondly via the point-bearing pressure of the piles.


Irrespective of the type of anchor, we make a fundamental distinction between two types of anchor, according to their function: temporary anchors, which are usable for a maximum of two years, and permanent anchors, which primarily meet higher standards of corrosion protection.

Anchor systems that do not require drilling, driving or other equipment for installation are particularly cost-effective. Equipment is only required for handling, due to their high weight.

If enough space is available and any earthmoving is straightforward or necessary anyway, these usually horizontal systems are the ideal solution.